What is a NON Super Bowl Fan Gonna Do?

Today is my first day posting on my new blog, which is to be solely a blog about, ya know, motherhood and stuff. “Stuff” happens to be everything that fills the glorious life of a mother, and today, February 2nd, marks the Super Bowl XLVIII, and that, my friends, is what will fill my life today.

Super Bowl 2014

Welcome to the Super Bowl, baby!

I’m about as big of a Super Bowl fan as grumpy cat, which is to say that I am not at all a Super Bowl fan.

grumpy cat  super bowl meme

Meet mini me

BUT! (Big but!) My boys are, from the oldest (dad) to the youngest (2 years old!)

football, super bowl

Meet the boys–now these guys know what the Super Bowl is all about

There are some great things about the football season, and of course, especially the big day–the SUPER BOWL!

Here are a few things that even a non football lover like myself can enjoy and make this deeply ingrained part of our culture more bearable, and even enjoyable:

1) Super Bowl snacks!!!

Whether you just have nothing better to do than create and hopefully later on devour with gusto other-wordly Super Bowl snacktopias such as this incredible snackadium (yeah, apparently that’s a word made legit through the internet)  from Pillsbury

…or you just toss a bunch of chips and salsa in various receptacles around the house, screaming “GO GO GO!” as you eat eat eat,

easy super bowl snacks

Who’s winning? Don’t know, don’t care, pass the chips!

there are always, always, going to be plenty of tasty treats to eat to whittle away the boredom!

2) The commercials!

super bowl commercials

Me, too! Oh, me, too!

super bowl 2014 commercials comic

super bowl funny meme


Speaking of commercials, these are some of my favorites so far: (Just click on the picture and it will take you to the youtube video of the commercials)

What can Tim Tebow do?

tim tebow super bowl commercial

Who needs football? I mean, seriously.

Ian Up for Whatever

super bowl 2014 commercials

So many people wishing they were Ian right now

3. The Super Bowl memes!

I just love this meme trend–people’s clever snarkiness really shines at times like these, and I love to soak it up and then pass it on! So here are some of the Super Bowl 2014 memes that had me cracking up!

super bowl memes

You’ve been warned




From last year, but too funny not to share!

From last year, but too funny not to share!

funny super bowl comic 2014

Er pardon me, but let’s face it–it’s often true!

And my personal favorite:

grumpy cat super bowl meme

Juuuuuust kidding

Seriously though, we’re gonna have a ball of a time with family, friends and food!


funny super bowl meme

super bowl 2014 wallpaper